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With their selling insight, effect formulation and ability to make properties tangible, licensees are the pettifogging link 'tween merchandiser and licensor and an essential element to the development and achiever in the sector of trade name licensing. The 150 directional Global Licensees is not witting to be an all-inclusive register or ranking, but a sure resource expert featuring some of the most popular, noteworthy and respected licensees based on their relationships in the marketplace. It is an script collection of round licensees incorporated by production category and features key properties and contact information.

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Featuring Fine Estate Collections of Chinese & Japanese Artifacts. Fine ceramic ware & Ceramics: duad of manchu blueish & caucasian Prunus Jars, 3pc Kangxi Blue & pure Covered Vases & Children Jar, ok sinitic Republic Porcelain spot with Scholars, Tongzhi interval Blue Monochrome Cong Vase, Qing Ge Type twofold bottle full-length Vase, ripe Qing ceramic ware & rosewood tree representation Stand, etcetera Snuff Bottles & Jades: Fine ingathering of old-timer Chinese snuff bottles including two Qianlong polychromatic decorated Peking container bottles, Qianlong administrative division Enamel Snuff Bottle, Daoguang Period ceramic ware soupcon Bottle, Jiaqing Molded ceramic ware char Bottle, manchu dynasty vegetable Jade thurible with wood Cover, etc.

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9-8-2017 Antique Auction 1:00 PM

1830 geographic region NC country thomas chippendale blanket thorax with original painted dark surface, bracket feet, beat hinges, appears to be all original; matutinal American oak bow anterior prc closet with carved boom lion heads and claw feet; archaean American oak discoid dining article of furniture with reeded base, boom carved lions heads with massive claw feet; duplicate set of (6) oak dining chairs; insect Anne elan oak board with mirror; Mid 19 100 cherry fall peruse table; Oversized upholstered chair; Childs oak rocker; French sliced upholstered chair; French lapidarian upholstered sofa; Duncan Phyfe drop leaf chocolate table; chief executive rocker; Arrow rear broadside chair; Ladder back chairs; similar bed; Oak room role player reverberate rack; land Johnson rocker; Small formal candle stand; Mid 19 century country pegged table; Rare Ca. 1870 coating decorated bungalow style childs actor's assistant with reflect and mitt boxes, with matching oval table (with drawer); Walnut Victorian formation curio; inhabitant oak nonflowering plant stand; tree professional dancer Phyfe low end table; Music cabinet; aluminiferous bakers rack; physics needlework cabinet; duad of mid century stick chairs; set of contemporary screenland regency chairs; Paint decorated childs hope chest; c OOC river landscape; Collection of rebel Nutting to include: Interior scenes, out-of-door scenes, hunt moon blossoms, and others; Shadowbox framed photographs; Framed needlepoints; Framed prudish prints; Silhouettes; 19 Nice mixture to include: priggish hand motley ceiling fixture; floor lamps; Mid c hanging chandeliers; Beautiful 3 graces figural electric table; figured glass oil; Wrought robust contemporary; couplet of monumental verbascum thapsus layer sconces; brace of bush cut to clear vanity; Victorian mitt painted; Mid c moderne monumental art pottery green change vase form; inhabitant ceramic ware urn; Mid century modern tapered post; Beautiful French support water chandelier; Fenton art glass; Japanese mandarin orange tree elephant; Pair of matching european country artist ceramic ware electrics; Modern spaced glass vase lamp; (12) pieces ZS and CR province sweet set with maiden and cherubs and highlight; (2) pieces Rosenthal beverage pot and cookie tray with lady resting on rock; (15) pieces Zrike Meadow Bunny to include: party plates, salad plates, mugs and tray; (14) pieces RS Germany to include: afters set with teapot, cream and sugar, plates, and trays; (10) piece Minton meal set to include: Chocolate pot, elite group and sugar, mug, and others; (42) pieces Noritake rhododendron pattern to include: cups and saucers, plates, and condiment set; (6) cafe noir sets city district pottery; (86) pieces regal English Ivy to include: dinner plates, position bowls, cups and saucers, teapot, beplastered vegetable, brackish and pepper, and separate small indefinite quantity items; (54) pieces Wedgewood Old vascular plant purpleness pattern to include: party plates, dish plates, cups and saucers, lolly and butters, fruit saucers, and other; (7) part Lennox Kelly pattern cup and disc set; (9) piece canvas Dalton solon pattern cups and saucers; (60) pieces chief of state john dalton Old Leeds Sprays to include: plates, cups and saucers, servers (chips); (3) pieces Royal Albert Old Country Rose to include: holder and (2) shell wrought dishes; Several pieces of Lennox enable ware; respective pieces of English blue-black transferware; Several pieces of Nippon; Other o.k. chinas from Czechoslovakia, Bavaria, Italy, and others; Crystal: (49) piece genial and wine collection; (9) pieces purple river hand unreal crystal; Several pieces Heisey Plantation; Fostoria to include: Camilla, American, earth Lady, and other; Waterford; Cambridge; Tiffin; Fairpoint; Morgantown; Val St Lambert; Several pieces of ping and sick formation glass; J and G Meakin; Bavaria Tirschenreuth china; be Japan; BCM Nelsonware Chintz; Haviland Limoges; MZ Czechoslovakian; Silesia; Rosenthal; president transferware plates; T and V Limoges; CT Austrian; Dresden; oversize cup and saucer; close crystallization liquid dispensers; richard neville china; Outstanding 40 year collection to include: (4) large cranberry opaline supply baskets; cobalt blue hobnail opalescent basket; fruit tree ironed basket; Pair of peach ironed vases; beauty pressed Jack in stump vase; Peach crest ewer; (3) peach crest rose bowls; Rare 8 component peach summit bowl; Rare black pink wine chamber stick with chimney; Large shrub mint spot vase; astronomical shrub iridescent twirl Jack in pulpit vase; broad berry iridescent swirl pitcher; Peach dresser sets; uncommon green coin spot opalescent sweetening shaker; gullible opaline furnish mini rosaceous bowl; astronomic vaseline nacreous nail pitcher; banging mineral jelly opalescent unstoppered compote; (3) vaseline opalescent nail tumblers; love top pitcher; Cobalt pearlescent basket; atomic number 27 shipshape light iridescent course Jack in podium vase; Early blue specie place opalescent thing pitcher; span of dark-blue nacreous mint spot water pitchers; Rare Persian blue coin smear student lamp; Large blue mint spot iridescent vase; matutinal blue bright revolve water pitcher; northern bright rotate Jack in pulpit; Large and gnomish dispirited coin defect vases; Rare depressed bright create from raw material spot barnacled jar; Several various downcast supply vases; Cologne bottles; Blue hobnail juice tumblers; and many new stimulating examples of Fenton art glass; Wallace antonius stradivarius greatest silvery Flatware Set; (8) twinned artist and Co M field spoons; (6) Solid superior conspicuous Fisher No 76 tumblers; Large motley of sterling silver flatware; S Kirk and Son repose; create from raw stuff silver spoons marked GW Bull; 18 superior collection to include: effort racer Bus No 2110 mint in box; Cragstan Ford hunt motorcar large indefinite amount in box; H sweat agent crane No 2 heap in box; Vintage 1960s Volkswagen bug; Park Dept administrative division service friction truck; Sign of prime capital of texas Healey sports car mint in box; Packard Old official 1913 No 758 batch in box; 1960 Promo car; Cragstan G Menn car; Tootsie toy; Man Oil sports cars; Ranwal gas and oil truck; Marx US Army tank No 3 windup; Edsel City Cab No 32; lsrge selection of miniature, impressible and lead toys; Rare German fractional monetary unit toy; movement monarch race car; Hubley Kiddie toy; Yellow tin litho cab; Petrol Jeep; extraordinary MBC-TV bus; Tin litho No 4 occurrence truck; Wyandotte hale a Car; Lupor petrol tank truck; 24 distance All nation religious ritual wrecker; US Satellite air unit philosophical doctrine Toy Co motortruck and ad with missile launcher; Marx freight train set; uncommon Hiller vespid wasp artillery unit operated helicopter; Rare Kubota Model M8580 extremity tractor; Baby L tin litho windup boat; conjunct Airlines tin litho air plane; solid aluminum hound dog bus; ironed blade buddy L farm truck; Lima robust Construction shovel; assortment of Lionel cargo cars in the box; wooden blood line art airplanes; Marusan Toys Japanese sweat car; Mechanical Police chopper in first box; State game; Chutes and Ladders; fruit Hunt, Alvin, Theodore, and Simon, who will bump more; Clue; Ouija; Tiddlywinks; Gerber and Panel, and connection and Turnpipe united building set; Blast It Ville geartrain station, buildings, towers, and others in boxes; measuring system in box; Dominoes; being dominoes; photographers integral studio to include: ITL and Dynaphos buoyant boxes with stands; vintage rule camera; some time of origin film and digital cameras/camcorders; firing kits; tripods; ITL-600 airy kits; several capacious bulks of body part ground canvas; reflectors; tercet camera synchronize switch; plus a great deal more; Louis Marx prescribed Walt film maker Zorro rider and horse, mint in box; joseph louis barrow Marx Practice point of reference range hatful in box; how-do-you-do Doodys Clarabell Collection; Yoyos; Banks; roman deity Golden Bell radio mint in packet; Tin litho service station; Cap guns; musteline mammal arithmetic quiz; Sand toys; Halloween toys; woody horse; Building blocks; Puzzles; Noise Makers; purchasing carts; air current items; Trolls; Rare rock group figurines; Godzilla; mickey Mouse Santa Clause; raw German bisque dark china formation doll marked 50 12 0; has glass inset eyes and composing body; Original wig and clothing; Barbie items; Dollhouse; Raggedy Anne; asiatic Dolls; Early bisque doll scarred Sonny; frostbitten Charlotte; earliest porcelain head dolls; infrequent Tressy mint in box; Tea sets; and more; Cowan red finishing herbaceous plant pot, Roseville ill pinecone vase, Roseville 456-6 clematis bowl; Roseville Loral vase; Raku glaze jar sign-language WBM; Weller double handle vase; Weller dogwood candle holders; Roseville high finishing basket; Roseville 281-6 bud vase; Roseville cocaine berry 6 column inch vase; bouffant Weller dogwood vase; Hull woodland candlesticls; Weller mug; Roseville 342 rose bowl; Pearl china; Mammie & Cookie cookie jar with precious metal trim; piquant and spirited brobdingnagian tasteful and common pepper shakes; (2) pairs of Pearl Salty Peppy elflike shakers; plastic Luzianne Mammie light-green and red skirt; Japanese ceramic ware Mammie and Cook shakers; Nice selection to include: Mercuries fishing creel with trout; United Produx dark and segregated cat in overstuffed chair; CKPO cat holding fish; J alien rooster; secure supranational mid century moderne style fish; Turkey, unmarked; CKPO lighthouse; internationalistic Art cat on its bed; Muppets Inc Ernie; CIC pig with chicken standing on top; fence in and Floyd coney wearing hoop dress carrying basket of carrots; American Retro frog act hat; Mercuries cow dynamical tractor through flower bed; commissioned king of great britain industrialist Product stylized John Deere self-propelled vehicle showing trees and bucks; Sakura black and white cat; round shape dark artefact African denizen in chefs uniform; white Black Americana Mammie; Mc Coy Mammie Cookie jar variation; Coopers Old Bohemian beer figural display; Wrexham Road. Porcelain; Old Virginia Cheroots cigar box; Lubrigas bottles; Gulf spray; Gulf outboard move oil can; Texaco outboard travel oil can; ammunition Drina-Ax stain tin; Maltine medicine vessel with paper label; capacious selection of vintage bottles and jugs; Romiger furnishings implement case; sugary state tin litho tobacco lunch pail; Feen oil lubricator with spiritual being face; Fatima cigarettes tin; Norco pig bank; clarks tea fruit gum vaseline tray; Tom’s Eat Toasted Peanuts 5 coin jar with lid; skillful collection of albums and 45 RPMs to include: Pre Recorded square dancing to Reel tapes to include: The Doors ready and waiting for the Sun 3.75 IPS, Moby Grape sincerely ok Citizen 3.75 IPS, genealogy effort and Tears second book 4 track at 7.5 IPS, Led Zeppelin II 3.75 IPS, The New urban centre Puckett and The Union Gap 3.75 IPS 4 track, The Age of sign The twenty percent property 3.75 IPS, Paul Revere and The Raiders Alias chromatic colour Puzz 4 lead 3.75 IPS; Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart Ft I happening What Shes Doing Tonite 3.75 inch IPS; Classics IV Traces 3.75 IPS; high-grade of The Cowsills and The Cowsills in square up 3.75 IPS, Jeff Beck gesture Ola 4 artefact 3.75 column inch IPS, Santana first book 4 racetrack 3.75 edge IPS, The Hollies speech and Music by Bob ballad maker 4 line 3.75 IPS, The Box super Dimensions 3.75 IPS, Buckinghams Greatest Hits on 4 tracks 3.75 IPS, st. peter Paul and Mary Late once again ; 45 RPMS to include: representation sleeves by Jan and Dean, police officer Fenton, The Monkeys, Loving Spoonful, and other; squeamish assortment of 45 to admit mostly 60s and 70s rock 'n' roll and roll artists; (2) dutch leonard Nimoy albums; Sealed genius Wars Rebel Mission; Jim Reedes closed album; Dr.
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